Qatar's UN Permanent Representative Affirms Gaza Worsening Situation Greatly Affects International Peace and Security

New York, December 11 (QNA) - HE Permanent Representative of the State of Qatar to the United Nations Sheikha Alya Ahmed bin Saif Al-Thani underlined that the worsening situation in Gaza greatly affects international peace and security and the existing world order.
In a speech via videoconference during a panel discussion at Doha Forum 2023 entitled "Shaping Peace: Integrated Pathways for Conflict Prevention, Humanitarian Action, and Peacebuilding", HE Sheikha Alya Ahmed bin Saif Al-Thani said that the Secretary-General of the United Nations, in a rare measure, used Article 99 of the United Nations Charter, to formally urge the Security Council to fulfill its obligations to maintain international peace and security and to ensure that no one is above international law; noting that the United Nations community in New York is on high alert.
Her Excellency affirmed that the State of Qatar is striving to activate the role of the Security Council and the General Assembly, with its primary focus is on working swiftly and effectively to end the bloodshed and address the humanitarian crisis that Gaza Strip has been experiencing.
Her Excellency said that current regional and global conflicts show the potentially dire consequences of managing conflicts without resolving them; noting the importance of addressing the root causes and actively seek to resolve conflicts.
In this context, HE Qatar's Permanent Representative to the UN referred to the current situation in Gaza Strip, which she said reflects one of the repercussions of the intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and clearly demonstrates the missed opportunity to maintain peace.
In light of the ongoing conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, it is evident that conflict eruption cannot be prevent, nor can be the achievement of lasting peace, by ignoring the issues of occupation and illegal settlements. Likewise, imposing policies that deprive the Palestinian people of their human dignity and legitimate aspirations for freedom, justice, and peace hinders progress, HE the Permanent Representative stressed.
Her Excellency emphasized that the long siege imposed on Gaza for more than 17 years constitutes a violation of international law and humanitarian principles, and that neglecting the two-state solution and depriving the Palestinians of their right to sustainable peace not only violates international law, but also undermines regional and international peace and security.
Her Excellency indicated that the State of Qatar will remain steadfast in its firm commitment to achieving justice for the Palestinian people, and in its efforts to enhance regional and international peace and security; pointing to the State's active role in mediation with the aim of reducing the severity of the conflict and reaching a ceasefire agreement in Gaza Strip.
HE the Permanent Representative highlighted the tangible success achieved by the mediation efforts undertaken by the State of Qatar in facilitating the achievement of humanitarian pauses that allowed the entry of many humanitarian convoys and the provision of relief aid, as well as the exchange of detained women and children, and Palestinian prisoners of women and children; stressing continuous effort with the international community to calm the situation until realizing a permanent ceasefire.
Her Excellency noted that the ultimate goal is to create a conducive environment for a meaningful peace process that eventually leads to achieving a comprehensive, just and sustainable peace between the Palestinian and Israeli peoples, in accordance with international law and relevant United Nations resolutions.
HE Qatar's Permanent Representative to the UN Sheikha Alya Ahmed bin Saif Al-Thani reiterated Qatar's firm and strategic partnership with the United Nations in various fields, including the provision of humanitarian aid, conflict prevention, peacemaking, peacebuilding, and launching sustainable development initiatives. (QNA)