Official Launch of Qatar Upholding Education for Syrians’ Trust




Official Launch

Qatar Upholding Education for Syrians’ Trust

A Joint Initiative for Syrian Children and Youth

United Nations, 21 September 2016, from 16:30 to 18:00pm

One UN New York Hotel, NY

The State of Qatar will launch a joint Initiative entitled Qatar Upholding Education for Syrians’ Trust.

On the margins of the 71st United Nations General Assembly, this initiative seeks to ensure that children and youth affected by the Syrian crises can unlock their full potential through having the necessary education and skills to effectively transition into formal education and future gainful employment and be positive members of their community.


The initiative builds on existing efforts to address gaps in education and training for those children and youth affected by the Syrian crisis. It serves as complementary window of education funding for existing response frameworks as well as aid organizations currently responding to the Syria crisis. It emphasizes that coordination and partnership with hosting governments, the biggest donors to the Syria refugee crisis, and key United Nations agencies and programs are crucial to assist Syrian children and youth to get back to school and to develop the necessary technical skills to enter the job market. In this regard, the launch of the initiative presents an important opportunity to further develop synergies among multiple stakeholders involved in education and vocational training with children and young Syrian refugees.