Qatar Stresses Importance of Promoting Peace, World Free of Weapons of Mass Destruction

The State of Qatar has underlined that the acquisition and development of weapons of mass destruction is a flagrant violation of collective legal and ethical obligations to strengthen security and peace, which is a commitment made by Member States to eliminate weapons of mass destruction and achieve a secure and prosperous world. This is based on its belief in a world of security, peace and stability and free from the threat of the use of weapons of mass destruction.

Qatar Foreign Policy Based on Principle of Cooperation and Partnership to Face Common Challenges

The State of Qatar has affirmed that its foreign policy is based on the principle of cooperation and partnership to face common challenges, noting that its national vision (2030) regards international cooperation as an integral part of the national development process and enhancing the regional and global role of Qatar economically and politically. In particular within the framework of the United Nations system and regional and international organizations.

Qatar Stresses Importance of Achieving Security, Stability and Peace for Sustainable Development

The State of Qatar stressed that achieving security, stability and peace for all peoples contributes significantly to realizing sustainable development and to changing people's lives for the better, adding it plays a vital role in the international community in this regard and is committed to supporting developing countries seeking ways to improve living standards for their societies.

Qatar to Support Multilateral Development System

The State of Qatar has underlined that it will not hesitate to support all international efforts aimed at strengthening the multilateral development system, in line with its positions in support of United Nations organs.

Qatar Stresses That it Dealt Wisely with Unprecedented Blockade

The State of Qatar affirmed that it has demonstrated its ability to deal wisely with the unprecedented blockade in the Gulf region by continuing the policy of opening up and building bilateral and multilateral partnerships in various fields, and despite campaigns of hatred, misinformation and falsehood by the siege countries, which seeks in vain to justify the irresponsible actions taken against the people and residents of the State of Qatar.

Qatar Pays Special Attention to Improving Quality of Education

The State of Qatar has underlined that education is a key to development and its belief in the importance of investing in the development, protection and education of children has paid special attention to improving the quality of education, by giving everyone the opportunity to gain a distinguished education and gain experience.

The State of Qatar Stresses Commitment to Empowering Women

The State of Qatar has affirmed Saturday its commitment to empowering women and providing support that will enhance their political, social, economic and cultural rights which is reflected in Qatar National Vision 2030 and national development strategies. It also affirmed commitment to implementing the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women .